"Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology" aims to pursue the huge potential of microorganisms by means of molecular biological methodology. Target microorganisms are Gram-positive soil bacteria Actinomycetes and filamentous fungi, both of which are representative two groups of microorganisms producing versatile kinds of natural bioactive compounds.
Since the discovery of penicillin which is produced by filamentous fungi, vast efforts has been poured on screening and finding novel bioactive compounds. Still, there are diseases which have no effective curing agents, and multidrug-resistant pathogens are emerging day by day, which demands us finding novel agents to combat against them.
We aim to develop quicker, easier and more rational way to reach novel bioactive compounds by clarifying biosynthetic pathways, functions of participating enzymes, obtaining regulatory genes and establishing multi-step signaling cascade controlling the whole biosynthetic pathway of bioactive secondary metabolites.
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